Consequences of Dirty Air Filters

Consequences of Dirty Air Filters


Air Conditioning UnitAir conditioners can serve your family in two ways: add comfort or make them sick. It just depends on how you maintain it. One of the most forgettable but easiest ways of keeping our A/C units in tip top shape is to replace the air filter. But it’s so easy to forget something as mundane as this.

But it won’t be so easy to ignore anymore if we realize how dirty air filters impact our family’s health. Since air filters are meant to trap particles so that the A/C unit will release clean air, air filters accumulate dust and other dirt over time. Dirty filters release dirty air.

3 Major Consequences of Having Dirty Air Conditioner Filters

1. Your family gets exposed to allergens and other particles. Contaminated air may contain dust, pollen, mold spores, and other volatile organic compounds that are proven to cause respiratory irritations and even aggravate existing respiratory conditions. If your family members are often sneezing or having a runny nose and watery eyes out of nowhere, look into the air filter of your air conditioner.

2. Inefficient air cooling/heating. Clogged air filters result in reduced air flow in A/C units since blower fans would have to work harder to push the air through the filter. So even though you set the A/C to high cooling, you will notice that the temperature falls just short of what you’re expecting. It may also take longer for the entire room or house to cool or heat. What’s more is that this inefficiency forces the unit to use more energy, even up to 5-15% increase, and we both know what that means for your monthly electricity bill!

3. Broken cooling and heating system. Failure to clean air filters will also eventually damage your central air conditioning and heating system. It may cause it to overheat too quickly and shut down on its own before the ideal temperature is reached. Worse, over time, the A/C unit may not work at all anymore and you’d have to buy a new one. The repair fees you’d have to fork out, which can easily exceed $200, could have been saved by cleaning the air filter regularly.

Air conditioning filtersHow can you keep your air filter clean?

By now it’s clear to us that air filters should be regularly cleaned. It’s pretty easy to keep clean. You just need to do the following:

  • Change your air filter every few months. This depends on the size and type of filters. Basically, 1” to 3” filters should be changed every 1 or 2 months. If you want to be sure, ask air filter providers when air filters should be replaced.
  • You can also clean them provided there are no rips or cracks. First, you need to remove the dirt either by vacuum or a rug, then you need to sanitize and dry it.

Keeping these things in mind, including the task of changing the air conditioner filters at your home in your schedule seems worth it. Do it to save yourself the trouble and keep your family comfortable and healthy.